30 Days of Dreamers & Doers | Tyrone Marshall

Tyrone marshall joined the Non-Profit community based agency, Urban League of Nebraska as a program specialist through the Office of Violence Prevention. Two years later, he became a Community Coach and was promoted as Coordinator for the program. Tyrone became the Program Director of the Youth and Education Department in 2015. he has been working with youth for more than ten years and enjoys giving back to the same community in which he grew up in. He has been at the Urban League for 9 years now and has played a pivotal role in his community as a role model and has overall been MAJOR when it comes to representation



What is your earliest memory being involved in your business?

One of my earliest memories is walking into Omaha North High to meet with some students and a staff member thinking that I was one of the kids.  

Being just like one of these youth that I work with each day is mainly the reason I chose this path. I remember in my younger days, it took for the right people to come in my life and help me succeed. I enjoy giving back to a community that raised me.  I worked one summer for Kimberly Bradford at the YMCA Teen Center and I've loved it since.

Being able to help change my community in a positive way is what keeps me going. I also know that I’m a father figure to a lot of these youth on a daily.  Being able to be a person that they can always count on makes me go even harder. I always tell my students that I’m only a phone call away.  The part that makes me happiest is when they come back to help current students as well as once they make it across the stage.

What did your journey to where you are currently look like?

I grew up in the Myott Apartments as a young kid and seen a lot of things.  Spent all my life on the Northside of Omaha and always heard the negative aspects of growing up on the Northside. For a while, I was adding to the stereotype already there, but once I was able to realize how to help change that, it changed my whole way of thinking.

Marshall has indeed seen many things and overcome many obstacles. Outliving many of his friends and experiencing the loss of a father, shot dead as he was only two years old, tyrone is literally living proof that you can be better than your surroundings. You can be better than what people have already deemed your destiny to be. The stereotypes, the adversity, the mistakes that are unavoidable, but turn to lessons - you can be better than them all. 


How do you hope people feel after working with you?

Ultimately, I hope they feel inspired about the work that they are doing for themselves and for others that are along this journey. It’s my hopes that they continue the work and help others come on board.


Can you name a highlight of your career?

Highlight of my career is winning the 40 under 40 at the age of 30 for my work in the community.


Marshall on the front page of the Midlands section in the Omaha World Herald, November 2017. 

"Tyrone Marshall's 'immeasurable' impact on north Omaha kids starts with the little things."


Anything you’d go back and change?

I wouldn’t change anything in my past or the future. If I had not been through some of the things I’ve been through, then who is to say the story would be like it is. Every mistake I’ve made in life was a lesson and helped me to make better decisions the next time around.


Any advice, tips or reminders?

Be yourself at all times while being a teacher to the youth. 

Kids can see right through someone who is not passionate about the work. 

Build a relationship with these students first and they will open up to you even more.  Remember that some of our students come in with their backs against the wall, so don’t add to the issue by pre-judging them.



Tyrone Marshall is a stand up guy, simply put. He steered his own life to be on a path for greatness and has used everything he was taught to make sure other young men and women can be great as well. Beyond a Dreamer and Doer, we'd consider Tyrone a Hometown Hero, we think that title suits him well. 


If interested in working with Tyrone, checking out the work he does or you'd like to learn more about the programs at the Urban League, feel free to contact Mr. Marshall at tmarshall@urbanleagueneb.org or 402-451-1066 Ext. 134.

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