30 Days of Dreamers and Doers | Miciya Haynie


Miciya Haynie is an Interior Decorator on the rise with her Company, Royal Revamping. She specializes in commercial and residential interior decorating, creating timeless personalized interior decor that reflect the needs and desires of her clients.

MH: The first thing that I do when starting a new design job is meet with the client to determine style, budget and needs. I then plan the space, determine the color palette and interior layout. I pride myself on the ability to help my clients create the home/office that they desire & I strive to create the best environment for the greatest comfort for a very reasonable price right here in the Omaha area.


What is your earliest memory being involved in your business? 

While still completing my online courses, I chose a free client through Facebook and revamped my first home August of 2017. 

I have always been into decorating growing up, rather it was just my small girly bedroom or my first dorm room. I’ve always mastered putting color schemes together.

What about this lane makes you so passionate about it? 

I would have to say my setback when first starting up. Just a month after revamping my first home, September 2017, I was in a very bad car wreck, temporarily disabling my mobility for 3-4 months. During that time I realized how blessed I was, I researched day in and day out, and I found my purpose.

What part gives you the most fulfillment? 

The ability to give my clients the home that they dream of without spending thousands of dollars. I always say that a nice home makes you more comfortable, even if you are living in a small studio. Make every square footage something that you are comfortable with and something that you simply love. 



What did your journey to where you are currently look like? 

I have gained the attention of so many great individuals, it actually still amazes me! I started with mostly just support from close friends & family.


10 years ago would you have pictured yourself in this position? 

I did not, I actually grew up with the dream of being a Fashion Designer! 


How do you hope people feel after working with you? 

I hope that everyone falls in love with their new space, I hope that they are satisfied and comfortable. A happy customer is the best business strategy of all. 

Can you name a highlight of your career? 

Breaking my "Shy Shell" attending meetings with successful men and women and being recognized by individuals whom I had no idea were even watching. 

Anything you’d go back and change? 

I would change my pace, I would have removed my fear so much sooner.

Any advice, tips or reminders? 

My biggest tip for anyone wanting to go after their dream, 

DO NOT HOLD BACK, Do not fear failure.

You only fail if you don't try. Go for your dreams and no matter who else is chasing that dream, be the best at it!



Miciya took a chance on herself and is currently making her dreams come true. As she is still in her first year of business, she's already knocking down goals and creating the audience and clients she desires. We'll be looking at her progress as she pushes forward!

Feel free to check out more of her work on Facebook as well as her website, http://www.royalrevamping.com. If interested in a consultation, you can reach her on both platforms. 


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