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Jamar Adams is the owner of Southside Barbers & Beauty and has been for 12 years. He is also the co-owner of HairOglyfix with his Partner Robert Brown. 

When Jamar's not giving out fades and making people look good, he also fixes and flips homes as the owner of J. Adams Investments LLC. He purchases properties and makes sure they are of living quality to rent out, having units in North Omaha and Ralston. 


What is your earliest memory of being involved in your business?

What set me on this path of becoming a barber was literally just laying in a twin size bed in my friends basement reflecting on what I was really doing with my life at the time! Knowing I wanted more outta life than how I was currently living, knowing that the way I was going about life would not last forever and selling drugs would eventually be a dead end. I knew I needed to be more focused on providing for my children. As I’m laying in this bed not happy with life fully, a tv commercial came on about Joseph’s College of Barbering! I thought about Barber school in the past, but only knew of the one in Lincoln, in which I couldn’t make the daily drive. However, the address this time was 38th & Farnam, an Omaha location. I'd seen the commercial several times before this actual day, but something told me to just call. Sure enough, it was in Omaha. That’s all it took - I got the info I needed and showed up to the school with my mother and signed up the next week! I was part of the second class Jospeh’s had in Omaha as they had just opened up here in. So I figured, maybe it was just destiny, lol! 


What about this lane makes you so passionate about it?

Initially I wasn’t passionate about being a barber, I just needed to find a career and some stability. As the years passed, I became passionate about the business aspect of it! There’s something about running a business and creating your brand, upholding that name to its highest quality that drives me. Being great at cutting hair just fell in place. In school I was so afraid of not actually learning how to cut right, but I’ve never been a quitter so I made it a point to cut any and everybody that walked through those school doors! A lot of student were afraid to cut the white guys' hair, but not me, I wanted everyone. I was never afraid to fail! My instructor at the time, RB, told us to 'fake it till we make it', and boy did I live by that! 

What I love most is interacting with people. I love meeting and talking to new people and growing the relationships with my long term clients that eventually become some of my better friends. We are so much more than just Barbers! Therapists, Doctors, Attorneys, friends, confidants, listeners and so much more. Sometimes we are comedians and sometimes our clients just need us to listen to them so they can vent! You learn a lot about people by just opening your ears.

What did your journey to where you currently are look like?

I’m sure my journey looks just like so many others. I come from poverty like a lot of others I know. I grew up with not much more than a mother's love! Selling drugs, gang banging, going to prison twice and shot three times! I never made any excuses and learned from all my experiences. I just kept living, learning and growing. Thankfully. 

JA: When someone is done working with me I want them to feel that whatever work I did with them or for them is genuine. I want them to come seek me again in the future because they know they can trust me. I want them to know they can count on me to do what I say I will do. 


Can you name a highlight of your career?

Not sure there is a specific highlight. I'm glad I made the decision to get up off my ass and go figure out this thing we call life! 


JA: I opened the barbershop in 2006, seven months after I graduated barber school. I've never worked in another barber shop, only for myself since day one. Being from South Omaha and going to school with 50 other students, all from North Omaha, I know there was not much room for opportunity. This is why I opened up Southside Barbers in South Omaha. Growing up there, I always went to North Omaha for a haircut, so at that time there was a need for me. For an assignment we were given in barber school, we had a $10,000 budget and were to stay within that budget, find all of our supplies, equipment, everything we needed to open a barbershop. After we reviewed that assignment, I got my lightbulb moment and I knew I was going to open my own shop. However, I must admit I did not do the assignment, lol. Reviewing the assignment in class was all I needed.

We always say we'd never change anything, but that’s a lie.

I would change everything so I could be a better version of myself since day one! But, these are the cards I was dealt and it’s been a journey and this is how we are sometimes defined as who we are. I wouldn’t be who I am without what I went through! 


Advice Alley

My advice is to take those thoughts that we are dreaming everyday and actually start working on them! Embrace failure for there is always a lesson! Leave the excuses in the trash, most of us have had it rough and nobody really cares! Plus, it’s guranteed somebody has had it worse. Waste no time, there’s always something to do. Can’t just say 'I want to learn real estate' and never pick up a book, go to a seminar or reach out to the ones that are in it. You have to be all in for whatever it is u decide to do! Lastly, don't do it for just the money, if you do things for the right reasons, the money just happens to find its way to you!    


Jamar keeps himself busy in the community between working in his shop, renting out properties, community cookouts and more. In South Omaha and in need of a barber? Be sure to stop in to Southside Barbers, located at 4526 S. 24th St., Omaha, Nebraska 68107.

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