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Meet Leontyne Evans, owner and operator of The Evans Experience LLC. She is a Life Coach specializing in healthy relationships as well as a trained Mediator, Certified Financial Counselor and Author! She offers one on one coaching, couples coaching and family coaching which usually involves parent and child. On top of that, she has one hell of a story. 


What is your earliest memory being involved in your business?

The earliest memory I have is our first speed dating event! I remember reaching out to other established professionals for help and being shut down. No one believed in my dream of building healthier relationships one heart at a time! Even with the discouragement from others, we put on a great event and even made some solid matches!
I started on this path due to being involved in several unhealthy relationships myself. Being sexually abused as a child lead to years of accepting abuse in other ways from different partners. From the relationship with family, to my selection in friends and men, I was stuck in the cycle and didn’t even know it. Once I sought out help, I became obsessed with wanting to know more about why people tend to keep repeating the cycle. I wanted to know what happens in our brains that we allow ourselves to stay in relationships that are physically, emotionally and/or mentally unstable. I decided to pursue a degree in Behavior Science with a minor in psychology to find the answers! Now I am determined to help others end the cycle!


Giving other people hope that real love exists and that no matter how broken they may have been, I can help them rebuild so that they are ready to identify and receive true love is the best feeling ever!

What did your journey to where you currentlyare look like?

I was molested when I was about 11 years old, raped by a different individual at 13 and had my first child at 14. After years of looking for love and acceptance, I found myself in an abusive relationship. I tried to numb my feelings in any way that I could and when that didn’t work I finally went to therapy. After therapy I went to college, completed my degree and took specialized course work to enhance my knowledge of the cycle of abuse. Soon after I reconnected with a childhood friend whom I later married. I wrote my first book, Princeton Pike Road, about my journey and decided that everyone deserves to live their best life. Everyone deserves real love and I am going to be the person to help them to put the pieces back together again.

Levels of Love documentary premieres 03/10/2018 @ 6:30pm!

Levels of Love documentary premieres 03/10/2018 @ 6:30pm!


Can you name a highlight of your career?

Publishing my first book Princeton Pike Road and filming a documentary called Levels of Love based on the struggles that come with love!

Leontyne is hopeful that after people interact and/or work with her, they feel uplifted, motivated and supported to try something different than what they have been doing when it comes to relationships and have a new perspective on love. And after all is said and done she wouldn't change a thing. 

"Everything that I had endured up until this day was necessary for me to be where I am."


Advice Alley 

"Don’t give up on love. No matter how many pieces there are to your puzzle, there is someone out
there that will be willing to look past the amount of pieces and just see the beautiful picture."



Reminding and showing people that there s real love out there and they truly deserve it is so extremely important. From self love, to the love given as well as received. This woman took the time and care to learn deeply about abusive cycles and how to get out and heal from them. This is the type of work that saves lives.

Having a journey that some may not have survived is the very thing that gave Leontyne the gift of teaching people love.

And we could all use a little more of that, right?  



To get on touch with, take classes or to simply get a little love from Leontyne, you can email her at TheEvansExperienceinfo@gmail.com, or visit her website, Facebook or Instagram. To check out her book, you can also see it here.

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