31 Days of Dreamers & Doers | Brandon Bryant

Brandon Bryant has both feet in the music industry, first as a graphic designer and second as a music curator. He has held held his role as a designer longer within the industry, working with artists such as David Guetta, E-40 and Boosie Badazz. 

His position as a Music Curator is a fairly new one, hitting 3 years this September. Bryant defines the title as such: "someone who holds a collection of local U.S. musical artists in the Rap/Hip Hop genre."  



BB: My earliest memory of the music business is being hired on as a photographer for a local artist show featuring Lil Flip. It was held in Lincoln where I met a ton of Artists who I still keep in close contact with to this day. Networking was the key & the graphic design work that was thrown my way was unmeasurable. Being from Omaha, I was familiar with most of the hometown artists, but in Lincoln I knew 2 Artists at best. That set me on the path to create isthisnebraska.com. I feel that people should be aware of the talent and artist in this state, especially for networking opportunities.


What about this lane makes you so passionate about it?

Nebraska is a hidden gem for musical talent; I want to play my part in displaying us to the world. I get the most fulfillment when clients trust me to translate their thoughts, musical work or business logo into a visual representation. There's not formula or right answers, so when they are excited, I'm usually 10x more!

BB: My journey was full of self doubt. A feeling of not being qualified to review albums. Even with a college education you can be taught the tools, but in design it's based off imagination, creativity & client connection - which can't be taught.

I definitely saw myself in the music industry 10 years ago, but not in this position or capacity. With photography and music production also being a passion of mine, I knew I'd plant my feet somewhere. Even looking back further, at the age of 8 I was analyzing Bone Thugs-n-Harmony covers.

Album rating by Brandon Bryant 

Album rating by Brandon Bryant 



Can you name a highlight of your career?

The highlight of my career was when my son was born. I used this as a reflection period when I designed a logo everyday for one year. That was unheard of at the time and that was over 5 years ago. I asked my Twitter followers to provide me with 2 words at random; I then provided a finished logo within 24hrs.

Cover Art

Cover Art



After a session with Brandon, he hopes people feel confident. "I want them to feel I turned their thought into something successful and tangible". When asked would he go back and change anything - "ABSOLUTELY nothing. I loved and grew from this process."

Grow tough skin early and submerge yourself into your work. Your passion should never feel like a chore or work. Experience is priceless so embrace it and side hustle to make ends meet if possible.

Brandon is covering ground in Nebraska that hasn't been fully explored before. Music ratings, extreme music and artist promo are things that are helping the creativity in the city grow as well as pushing it to expand and show - we don't just live in little 'country Omaha with cornfields and tractors'. The talent is here and Brandon is doing his part to make it known.

With Instagram being his most involved medium, you can visit him at @isthisnebraska to see more work as well as artists, reviews and more. You can also check out his site, isthisnebraska.com, where you can contact him in regards to design and artwork. 

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