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Chikadibia ebirim, Artist and entertainer across many genres, mediums and platforms has been seen from the Omaha Fashion week runway to the orpheum theatre to a billboard on the popular corner of 50th and dodge with more in between. Having recently been selected as a 2018 Fellow for the Union for Contemporary Art, Chikadibia is leveling up with every opportunity he receives.   


What business are you in, can you describe please?

I would have to say I’m in the entertainment business. The artistic focused business I'm involved in is usually providing entertainment on various platforms like: radio/streaming services, television/films, gallery/installation, and theater/performance.

I am a Self Produced, Award-Winning, Cultural Producer who practices Multimedia Art and Design. I am a Model/Musician and a 2018 Fellow at the Union for Contemporary Art.

When I was about 9 months old, I was casted as baby Jesus in an incredible play around Christmas of ‘94. That would definitely be the beginning. I would have to give praise to God and of course my parents for seeing the light in me. Even at 9 months my parents could feel my outstanding potential and natural talent.


CE: I answer to no one but my passion. With help and trust from God, I have an infinite resource of inspiration that only blesses me with more knowledge and opportunities. In turn, my passion is consistently growing and evolving into something greater everyday.


What part gives you the most fulfillment? 

Performing music live probably excites me the most as the crowds are so supportive and interactive to my music production/lyrics. There's no feeling like hearing your music play on the radio though.


What did your journey to where you are currently look like?

My journey looked like perseverance and commitment. Through learning more about self, I understood where I fit in.  As I continued to build on my talents and crafts, I was simultaneously networking with the platforms I desired to pursue. 10 years ago, I would not have specifically pictured myself in ‘this position’, because 10 years ago, I was more concerned about fame and attention rather than knowledge and skill.


Can you name a highlight of your career?

So far, I have three favorite highlights:

  • My billboard design/model work with two major local Non-profits. 
  • Being awarded for my music video direction 1st and 2nd place by Metro Community College.
  • Then of course getting awarded the 2018 Fellowship at the Union for Contemporary Art.

Anything you’d go back and change?



When sitting down to work with others, Chikadibia holds hope that they feel educated and inspired, as well as hoping they feel like they helped him greatly. He wants them to feel successful from the aftermath of any collaborative interaction. When asked for advice, he gave these clear and concise words:

“Praise God, know self, respect your mother.”


You can catch a dose of Chika's creative wave on his personal site, the Union's website, or his Instagram. As he is often putting different collaborations and events together, you may want to stay tuned.

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