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Rick Loftin is a new Self Published Book Author with his recent release, 'Off the Cuff'. He calls himself a writer of 'many sorts', often covering a variety of topics and aiming to provoke and stimulate a readers mind. Loftin has been a writer for years, but just recently decided to piece information together to begin writing formal literature.


What set you on this path? 

Honestly, my peers. I share a lot of informal writings online via social media. I have been told hundreds of times, “you should write a book”, or something similar.  I decided to give it a shot and so far so good.

I love writing, but most of all I enjoy writing MY way.  My writing style is unorthodox in regards to style and delivery.  Ultimately, being able to stretch the mind of the reader as opposed to leading them to pointed truths is what drives my writing.

I believe a person has accomplished nothing in life until they positively impact the lives of others. What inspires me is the acknowledgement of broadened perspective expressed by readers. It is fulfilling and motivating to be a source for personal growth and mental enhancement.

Can you name a highlight of your career? 

My first Book released was Off the Cuff.  It was self-published and is available on Amazon/Kindle.  I sold over 300 books hand delivered locally within a month and a half.  This showed me the future potential and somewhat validated the decision to become an Author.


What part gives you the most fulfillment? 

Feedback.  Whether constructive criticism or the question, “when is the next one?” – I find great accomplishment in the simple fact that readers take time to explore my delivered perspectives and desire more.  


My journey has been smooth and without challenge to this point, which is why I am ramping up my personal expectations and trying to network outside of my comfort zone.  I feel as if the journey ‘should’ be more complicated and only a writer can create such a challenge. 

10 years ago, I pictured myself in a much better professional position than I am currently in, but I was not very aggressive in my approach. I write a lot about personal growth and self-awareness, so applying that knowledge to further improve self is a top priority. 


Rick also has a brand titled LOFTin -

"LOFTin will be diverse in nature. It will be primarily a creative writing service. Initially, I wanted to establish myself as an author and gain an audience... after book #2 (Four Sides of an Imperfect Square) I will focus more on books of poetry, kids books, private vow writing, and also audible comedy."


How do you hope people feel after woking with you or having read one of your books?

I hope people gain additional perspective on any topics covered. I truly don’t try to change opinion or reform a mindset -

I simply want the brain to stretch in order to consider perspective beyond a reader’s own. 


Anything you’d go back and change? 

There were some small writing changes I’d wish I applied, but the next piece will be better. 





When asked for advice, Rick offered these motivating words for our readers: 

I’d suggest chasing dreams by creating your own lane.  There is a common misconception that the customary way of doing things is the only way of doing things.  Most history isn’t made by following protocol.  You must be willing to apply originality in order to find self-fulfillment and also influence your audience to keep you in demand.



Look out for more from Rick and his brand, LOFTin. You can find this new author's book, Off the Cuff, on Amazon/Kindle OR by personal delivery in Omaha, NE. Stay tuned to his social media for updates and information about book releases here and here

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