31 Days of Dreamers & Doers | Dewey Cox

Meet Jason Peck, aka Dewey Cox, mastermind behind the growing Beats N Tatts. Dewey currently works in the local music scene as well as in the tattoo industry, bringing both worlds together at Beats N Tatts, which is a recording studio/tattoo shop combination. As the owner of the business he focuses on creating new business opportunities for himself, as well as the contractors he works alongside including various audio engineers, music artists and tattoo artists. In between recording music, engineering and booking Tatts, Dewey took a few moments to answer a couple of questions for us.

I have always told myself since high school that I would own my own business one day. I'd been working since the age of 14 and up until 2015 I'd always been balancing two jobs and school, patiently waiting for the “right time” to open my own. 
In 2015 I became very ill with a stomach flu virus, taking me to what I felt was close to death at the time. When I was finally recovered both physically and mentally, I realized how much I still have to accomplish while I’m here on this earth. The next day following my release I quit both jobs and construction started for Beats N Tatts soon after. 

DC: My earliest memories of Beats N Tatts start on that first day, getting the keys and walking into an empty room with nothing but a vision, then spending the next month full of long hours during the next full of long hours renovating the space to fit the vision exactly. 

Since I was young I have always been into drawing and art, as well as recording my first song in a closet in my bedroom at 12 years old. The passion comes from not only the time put in, but the journey to becoming something has really been the driving factor. 

AK: What gives you the most fulfillment?

At first it was being able to make my own schedule and working directly in line with something I’m passionate about. Now I find the most fulfillment in helping others achieve success, creating doors that didn’t exist, and making our own path. 



In recent exciting news, Beats N Tatts has created a web series based tv show called, “A Day in the life: Beats N Tatts.' With one episode in so far, you can check it out below and continue to follow their growth, fun adventures and surprising artists they connect with in the studio.

When I work with people I try to understand what exactly they want, exploring all options possible to getting it done. So in general I hope people feel taken care of and valued.

Although I don’t regret anything, if I could go back and change anything, I would have closely focused in the beginning on how important team members are, and being able to find the right ones. 

My advice to any entrepreneur is always stick to your vision, anything that jeopardizes your vision should be evaluated and adjusted. 


You can find Dewey in his studio at Beats N Tatts located at  7117 Farnam Street, suite #9Omaha, Ne 68132.

If you're looking for an engineer, or ready for a new tattoo, he may be just the guy you're looking for. To see more of his work, you can visit www.beatsntatts.com

Be sure to take a listen to some of Dewey Cox's latest tunes below with 'Camera'. 

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