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EBE Films, LLC is a Film & Video Production company producing short films and documentaries that feature local writers, actors and artists owned by CEO/Founder and Creative Director, Erica Johnson. Her company also provides video services to all businesses and entrepreneurs in the Omaha area. A lot of these videos are often used for promotion or marketing purposes.


What is your earliest memory of being involved in your business? 

Creating promotional & marketing products for my father's church. That was before I realized I could make this an actual career. I realized that when I was in graphic design and website design and then the videography came along and then the filmmaking. 

What set me on the path later on would be going to Interface web school, now part of AIM, for Front-End Web Development and realizing that my talent of being able to tell stories through video was needed as an outlet and educational tool for so many.

Telling stories and watching actors grow is what makes the film side such a big deal to me. On the video side, I get to create products and watch how businesses use those products to help them grow.
This is ultimately where I get the most fulfillment - watching small businesses that I work with grow.

What did your journey to where you are currently look like?

I started out as a pre-teen helping my father in his church literally doing any and everything. That is how my interest in graphic design started. As the needs of the church grew (and the needs of my mother's company grew), I learned how to create a website. Years later I went to Interface web school. I then got interested in making YouTube videos, so I got my first camera. Shortly after that, I realized how much fun this was and how much businesses could benefit from this and started serving those in my community. I then went to Metro for the Visual and Audio Communications program and was given my first documentary assignment. From there I really realized how much I loved telling stories of the "untold". After that, I kept reaching out, kept creating and kept using my talents to help others.


10 years ago would you have pictured yourself in this position?

In a way yes, In a way no. 10 years ago I was mainly focusing on graphic design and website design. So it was always in my head that I would be involved with those two things somehow. However, the filmmaking and videography were not a part of my plan 10 years ago.


EJ: When thinking of how I want people to feel after working with me - I want them to feel encouraged. Knowledgable. Confident. Many people have the desire to create videos for their company, but it can seem like a daunting task. There are a lot of moving parts to creating a vision. My hope is after taking them through the process, they will be more knowledgable about the process and will feel more comfortable with it so that they can worry less about how to make a video and just focus on their vision for the video.


 Can you name a highlight of your career?

signing the lease to my own studio.


Erica recently held a soft opening to her very own studio that will give her more room to expand on her products and services being offered. She also held her second $5 Brunch this month in her studio, a brunch for female entrepreneurs with networking, workbooks and of course amazing food. 


Anything you’d go back and change?

Nope. Not at all. All of the jobs that I had that seemed "random" taught me something that I am using now. Either as a designer, filmmaker, videographer or boss. The parts of my life that seemed like they had no direction have now proven to be invaluable to me and my journey.

Advice Alley

get rest.

Your mind is sharper and your body can go a lot further when you get rest. 

Also, don't give up. You can pause, but never stop. Keep going. 

You know in your heart what is right. Sometimes, we logically talk ourselves out of doing something that aligns with our purpose but if you can't shake something, or get something out of your head/heart, that means you are supposed to be doing something with that thought. You'll find out what that is.


Erica has a love for seeing small businesses grow and she has made sure that her services have a helping hand in that. From her video services to her educational brunches, she is doing her part to give back. There are several events and projects coming up from erica that you wont want to miss! 

To get more information on her services as well as checking out her EBE Films events, you can visit her website, www.ebefilms.com. You can also see more of her work on both Instagram and Facebook

Thinking of visiting her $5 Brunch for Female Entrepreneurs? For more information and to purchase tickets, you can visit www.5dollarbrunch.com.

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