31 Days of Dreamers & Doers | Kris Kuhn


Kris, the owner, director, trainer and agent of HoopRank saw talented players in the Omaha area going unnoticed in regards to college recruiting. Trying to pass down the knowledge and skills he was able to acquire after a career ending injury set him on the path of creating a unique and educational organization in the city. He was motivated by identifying a correlation between how young men and women respect and communicate with authoritative figures and young children who are raised in team sports and being actually coached by influential mentors.

HoopRank LLC., can be outlined as follows -

1.) MARKETING - We help market high school basketball players to potential colleges and universities throughout the US. We believe our inner city has the talent to further their education by obtaining collegiate athletic scholarships, but we do not always have the platform to showcase our value. We manage this by soliciting college coaches with players that we believe may benefit their program.

2.) DEVELOPMENT - We realize that every child with dreams of playing college basketball does not always have the talent or the skill to play college basketball. HoopRank offers unmatched basketball training and development from former division I and professional players with the intent to better kids to the next level. 

3.) EDUCATION - Most recently, we've opened a licensed daycare and learning center (pre-k) with a emphasis on preparation into the next grade level. What makes this program unique is our educational curriculum in conjunction basketball skill development. We use sports, a concept that children already understand are are interested in, to relate basic learning principles. For example; children will learn how to count, add, and subtract by simply keeping score while competing. 




What about this lane makes you so passionate?

Basketball paid for my education, allowed me to travel the world, paid my bills, groomed me into the self motivated and results driven man that I am today. It provided opportunities for me that would not have been available otherwise. Basketball and the men that taught me the game were my salvation. Now that my competitive career is over, I feel it is my responsibility to pay it forward.



Ten years ago I imagined myself on someone’s roster playing ball till I was at least 35. This journey as been extremely difficult, exhausting and challenging to say the least. But of course, it also comes with its rewards. The day that HoopRank Early Education and Sports Academy became licensed has been a major highlight, but every time a player that I trained receives a college scholarship offer, it makes it all worth it.

Kris is granted fulfillment seeing children work hard, recognizing their potential, developing and obtaining collegiate athletic scholarships. He hopes that in working with him, the children feel confident and prepared. We'd imagine not only the children feeling that way, but the parents as well. Instilling that type of confidence in others is so needed, for the doers as well as their support systems.  


Kris goes on to add:

"For all entrepreneurs… GROW SLOW and take the time to understand your business. Take yourself and what you’re doing seriously or else others will not, create opportunities to talk about what you do in every new interaction and look for opportunities to collaborate with others. The best way to get others to support you is to support them first." 

If interested in putting your child in HoopRank Early Education and Sports Academy, please visit them on Facebook. HoopRank is located at 3223 North 45th Street, Building T Lower Level. 



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