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Monica Chambers is in the event planning and decorating industry as a small business owner of One Creative Mommy. "Clients give me themes or ideas to do for their event rather it's a children’s party, anniversary, or even a retirement party and I execute all kinds of great ideas to bring the WOW to their event!" From pretty princess events to teaching art classes for child and adult centers, Monica gets the job done and passes her creative gift on to others.  


MC: The earliest memory I have of being involved in this lane is when my youngest daughter, Jordyn, was one. I had her at a young age so I was 17 at the time of her first event. There was an amazing set up in my mothers dining room, food in the kitchen and parents could sit in the living room if they didn't want to sit outside. It was her “First Birthday Princess Party”. When I look back at those photos, I implemented the same things that I use today, only not as extravagant. What set me on this path is that after her 2nd and 3rd birthday, people kept saying, “You have a thing for this!”. My favorite line was, "Please do my kid's party!”. I honestly never listened at first, or just shrugged them off.  Then finally, March of 2014 I was put on bedrest with my second child, Camryn. The whole pregnancy I told myself I wasn't going to have a baby shower. When I realized I had nothing but time I figured, why not? I started creating my own baby shower and people loved the turn out. Four months after my baby shower I got my first client and it has been a blessing since then!


"What makes me so passionate about what I do, is not only do I enjoy the craft part of the job, the self-efficiency and the money is great, but more importantly it's the family time that I get with my children. They love seeing the different things that I come up with. I get fulfillment being an Entrepreneur in a business that has a continuous need and on the flip side of entertaining, parties bring friends and family close together. When they all get together and they see what I've come up with and they're excited - it makes the party that much better, well “LIT” in today terms."

MC: 10 years ago I wanted to be a Chemical Dependency Counselor, or a Mortician. As strange as it is i hated art growing up because I never thought I was good at it - I never understood it, I never understood other peoples like for it. Growing up, believe it or not, my sister Hollie always did my art projects in trade for a chore. It was a deal I couldn't pass up. 10 years ago I never pictured myself being depended on in this way, especially from people I just met!

After I've finished a project or an event, I hope my clients feel at ease. I know the stress is finally off my shoulders as I've completed in the time I said I was going to be finished. I feel like after people are done working with me they are also less stressed. They can enjoy their family, friends and their event. I hope they feel that my work is exquisite enough to book me for all future events. 

One of my favorite moments have been when I started doing themed, painted letters and right away people started with orders. I just had a talent for them! Another favorite would be just getting on social media and having tons of notifications from my community, tagging me in posts for their family and friends - an everyday highlight for me.

Monica makes flyers as well.

Monica makes flyers as well.

The highlight of my career has been doing the Rugrats Themed party. I got so many shares, likes, comments and views on my business page. The next day I had over 16 messages on my business page ALONE and several on my personal Facebook page as well. I felt so happy that all these people contacted me, even if they were only inquiring, that was enough. 


Is there anything you would go back and change?

I wouldn't change anything. I know people say that a lot, but things have gotten real for me in these four years of growth. People don't understand that when you decide to become and entrepreneur, you depend on OPM - Other Peoples' Money. So you have to figure out EXACTLY what is your craft, your thing, your HUSTLE. Then when you do, you have to have a smaller hustle inside of that big hustle. To keep your momentum going and add more to your pot. It may not make sense until you understand that you have to spend money to make money. When you start making that money and the clientele keeps growing, there is never any going back! 


On top of the event planning, Monica teaches art classes for child/adult centers she is contracted through. How's that for not being artistically inclined? 

Typically for childcare centers, art classes are based of STEM (science, technology, engineering, & mathematics), incorporating that while having fun doing a craft or a lesson they can teach at home. Monica supplies all the supplies and typically likes to use things that are under $5 so they can go back and do them with their family, plus, they may have a lot of the supplies at home already. They are still learning and don’t even know it!

For Adult centers, she typically does the same thing minus STEM. She does a lot of motor skill paintings/crafts because the older you get, you lose feelings in your hands or you forget what certain things feel like. Plus it’s always great to have a keepsake from young and old!




Monica says to 'Do you', but always take advice and store it, always a chance it will help in the future. 

"Don't be discouraged when somebody tells you no. Always remember, no means next one! My favorite thing is that the best customers are ones that refer new customers!"

Art classes, events, handmade letters and treats plus so much more. Monica is definitely a one-stop-shop when it comes to planning and her business is continuing to grow. To be her next client, visit her on Facebook. For those of you who like to Pinterest, you can also get some inspiration from her page.


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