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"I am in the business of making people look good - and I do so by cutting my clients' hair." 

Meet Kyle Bland, licensed barber at Unique Cuts in North Omaha. Kyle is often heard saying the motto - "When you look good, you feel good". A great mantra for anyone to get you feeling good about yourself aesthetically or otherwise. Read on below to get a little background on Kyle Bland the Barber.


What is your earliest memory being involved in your business?

My earliest memory would be of me messing up my friends heads in high school. I pushed hairlines back, left patches in their scalp, but they continued to believe in me. 

KB: I knew I wanted to make a hobby of mine a career. I seen and knew a lot of friends that graduated college, but couldn’t find a job so I wanted to have a trade. I wanted something I knew I could always do and not have to depend on someone hiring me. 

What about this lane makes you so passionate about it?

The fact that I can change someone's whole energy/vibe, for the better, in 45 minutes. In 45 minutes, a person can go from feeling weak and vulnerable to strong and confident from a fresh haircut.

It’s a great feeling knowing that I put forth my best and someone thinks the exact same about what they've received. People are so picky! To consistently meet someone's expectations well enough to be paid, tipped and continuously visited, that to me is very fulfilling. 

"When your cut is fresh, you have plenty to smile about!"

"When your cut is fresh, you have plenty to smile about!"


KB: My journey getting here initially was trash! Lots of empty seats on a Saturday. Lots of mess ups. Lots of traveling wasting gas to cut hair for $5 (lol),  but it helped build character. I had to EARN people’s trust for them to finally sit in my chair. I didn’t come out of barber school smoking hot with clientele. 

Being challenged inspires me. Being told I can’t do something or that it’s impossible for me to complete something inspires me.


Did you picture yourself in this position 10 years ago?

At the time I wasn't considering barber school at all. 10 years ago I thought I'd be a part of the corporate world. 


KB: Sitting in my chair, a client will know that it’s all about them which is important. From me listening tentatively to the type of cut wanted to the types of conversation. A lot of barbers, after a while, get caught up in thinking that it’s all bout them and their time and their money. With me, that's not the case - it’s all about the client. I just want them to leave knowing that I did my best. 


Can you name a highlight of your career?

I have a few of them, but a top one would be being nominated by my peers for a  'Barber of the Year' award during the ULNYP Community Awards nomination process. I'd also say a major highlight of my career is the respect I receive from my peers. The acknowledgment, the tags on social media - being able to be a "people's champ".

Anything you’d go back and change?

Most people would probably say no, but yes. I would change a few things and one would be going to barber school earlier in my life.




Kyle recently celebrated 5 years of being a barber with A great amount of growth within that period. As a member of kappa alpha psi and a well known event planner/promoter, kyle has also made sure to stay involved in the community from hosting events to Cutting hair for free, community based activities. 

When asked for advice, he urged:

"Never stop learning in your field of endeavors."   


You can find more of Kyle's work on his Facebook page as well as Instagram. Those platforms can also be used to make appointments. Kyle cuts at Unique Cuts, located at 2314 Willis AveOmaha, NE 68110.




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