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Raiel Johnson is an ICF Certified Life Coach specializing in mindfulness and the power of thought. For the past 6 months she has been operating as a general life coach helping her clients with whatever their needs are at the moment including, but not limited to budgeting, finding their passions, or creating a life vision for themselves.

As of recently she discovered her passions are actually aligned with the law of attraction.

RJ: The law of attraction is what started me out on my own personal journey and it is the foundation on which I've grown my business. I've been practicing the law of attraction for a little over three years and my life has changed drastically in this time span. I remember where I was before embarking on this journey: lost, hurt, angry, broken and afraid that those feelings would never fade and I'd never overcome my struggles. A feeling of emptiness and total defeat made me want to give up on life. I went through multiple periods of time where I was homeless with literally nowhere to go. I spent so many days depressed that I didn't know what true happiness was.


Ten years ago I was severely insecure and socially awkward. I couldn't even picture myself giving someone else advice about how to take over their lives. I was about 14 living in Birmingham, AL. and this was indeed a very pivotal time in my life. I didn't too much care for school and I was chasing the dream of becoming some kind of doctor. I had little to no interest in this dream and looking back I never really deemed it possible. Back then, all I knew was that I wanted to be successful and loved. Neither of which looked very promising at the time. I was hiding behind a layer of different masks, afraid to be me. After spending years in this dark place, I made the decision to seek happiness at whatever costs. I began to understand that being unhappy constantly was not normal or the way life was supposed to be. I went on a downward spiral until I stumbled across "The Secret" by Rhonda Brynes. It was no coincidence that this book ended up in my lap and when it did it completely opened my eyes to a new way of life. I made it a point to take control of my life and manifest my desires. I came to realize that change wasn't going to just happen, it was something I would have to create. So with much trial and error I began trying new ways to create new experiences.

The journey to where I currently am has been an uphill battle. Although I am in the very early stages of my career, I don't consider my journey to be just beginning. There has been a lot of foundational work that had to be done in order for me to reach this point. I've had to get to know myself and what it is I truly want in life. I had to discover what things in this world held value for me and what it would take for me to reach total fulfillment. It took for me to look into the darkest deepest places inside and face what I saw. To accept, acknowledge and forgive myself. I had to create the woman I was so desperate to become. I had to create the woman you are talking to today. Because I assure you I am not the same woman I was 3 years ago. I am not the same woman I was  a year ago and I wouldn't change one single thing about my past. I am forever learning and evolving, getting closer and closer to living my best possible life. I had no idea I'd make a career out of all that I learned and honestly the sole reason I began life coaching was to share my knowledge. I wanted to tell everyone in the world - its okay, you don't have to suffer anymore, you don't have to be unhappy, you don't have to live paycheck to paycheck & you don't have to be hurt by love. The power that lives inside of us is what I'm most passionate about and helping people unleash that power and do things they never imagined themselves doing gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment.


How do you hope your clients feel after spending time with you?

RJ: After my clients complete a session with me I hope they feel motivated, enlightened and empowered to make a change in their lives. I hope they know that I fully believe they are capable of making their wildest dreams come true and that they have my full support and encouragement along the way.

I've been coaching for less than a year and I can't believe I didn't discover my niche sooner. The highlight of my career so far was having the honor to host a breakout session at this years 2017 I AM HER Women's Empowerment Conference.

I am currently rebranding to begin centering my coaching, website and YouTube channel around mindfulness and the power of thought. I am also building new, fresh content for my blogs as well as creating some new products. One of which will be the 2018 Financial planner designed to help budget, develop a wealthy mindset and become more mindful about spending.


Raiel is also part of an organization called Saving Sisterhood.

"Saving Sisterhood is an official Nonprofit organization as of September of 2017! I've been having this vision for quite some time & I'm grateful that I was blessed with the help and resources to bring it to life. Saving Sisterhood is dedicated to being an empowering source in our community. For social, economic, and professional advancement as an equal opportunity for young women. Aspiring to inspire healthy lifestyles."


Raiel has had a challenging journey getting to where she is today, but has overcome many obstacles and aspires to help others get through their journey. Offering so many uplifting services that are indeed needed in her community, she is becoming a token of light, love and knowledge. You can stay updated on the latest, blogs, videos, and products at her website or visit her on Facebook

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