Identity by Design welcomes you!

Identity by Design brings you a platform celebrating identities through Art, Culture and Technology. Exploring and exposing the talents of those who embrace the creative genius within, who indulge in the beauty, essence and edge of art and all it encompasses. Raising the awareness of artistic culture in the urban community and providing an outlet of expression for all artists, Identity by Design yields a platform celebrating creatives.

Our first issue shines light on some amazing artists with whom we had the pleasure to sit down with.

We have exclusive insight from BOTH, a hip-hop group making waves with an eclectic sound.
Rodney Conyers Jr. & Brandon Lee Tran of F.A.K.E Nebraska leading the way for the sneaker community & culture.
And an in depth, personal look at the journey of Omaha bred Bruce Briggs, director of the critically acclaimed "Above The Hype" movie.

This is the beginning of a new wave. Come along for the ride and bring a friend with you!

Identity by Design. Dedicated to Creatives. We're so excited to have you here and there's so much more to come.

Ashley KnoxComment