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How to remain productive & disciplined over the Holiday Break

Written by JoAnna LeFlore

Often times the holidays and winter season can leave a person overwhelmed with ideas of the things they never accomplished and the common "to-do" list before the year's end. As a project manager for creative clients, I've learned that despite the busy lifestyles some of us lead, it's still important to remain productive during the winter months no matter how many days of vacation you take. Realizing that it is my job to stay organized and help others maintain sanity while pursuing their passions, I've come up with 3 tips for staying productive during the holiday break.

Tip #1: Set one or two goals per day - don't over do it, just do it right

The point of this is to pursue your goals with excellence. If you focus on a minimal goal, you can put your best foot forward toward achieving it. You can also spend some time breaking down the necessary steps to reach that goal. 

Tip #2: Tell someone about that goal - accountability is a path for the brave

Having candid conversation with someone else about why this goal is important for you can set the tone for how you go about accomplishing it. Telling a friend about your vision or motives will hold you accountable. It will also encourage self-empowerment once you verbalize your commitment to that goal. 

Tip #3: Create a reasonable deadline or timeframe - greatness isn't mastered over night

It's ok to have multiple goals for the week. And it's ok that you may only scratch the surface in a day towards achieving a specific goal. The point is to TRY. What can also help increase productivity is to set a timeline of sorts. Dedicate 1-2 hours on that goal until you've made a serious dent in that effort - then take a break. Another option is to set a deadline for each of the steps you've identified towards reaching that goal. Realize that it will take some time to reach success and that sometimes you have to sweat for it. 

It is suggested that you must become disciplined in order to reach your creative goals. However, this skill does not develop instantly. You must be consistent and develop the habit of being productive. Setting daily goals with clear action steps is the best way to do this. Although we may pick up some unhealthy habits over the holiday season, the challenge is to work towards developing positive habits as well. Use these steps dot encourage yourself to stay focused and create realistic goals along the way. if you find the your achievements are reached sooner than you expected, recognize that your diligence and the support of others around you were the ingredients you were always missing for the perfect productive holiday season.

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