FAM FEST ! Fashion, Art & Music w/ IxD is here !

Tonight in our first event we're bringing Fashion, Art and Music together on the same dance floor at the House of Loom in Downtown Omaha. With so many gems in the local area we thought, why not do an event to shine some light and show them off ! Thus FAM fest is born.

In tonight's lineup we have:

Fashion- Legalized Rebellion


Art  - Gabriel James


Music - Mola-B & Brisx

With Live music, dancing models and beautiful body painted women to add a little spice, what's not to enjoy? Not only will this be fun, but a chance to show support to the artists in our local area, which we can always use more of. Hoping to strengthen the creative community while raising up and encouraging the talent among us. Hope to see you all there.

House of Loom || 1012 S 10th street || 10-2am