F.A.M. Fest || Fashion, Music and Art with Identity by Design, Part 2 !

Ixd held their second FAMFest at the House of Loom the same night the POTUS announced: Marriage Equality for ALL. The result a blend of not just Art and Creativity, but Culture, Expression and Love. 

"Visual art, local fashion, live music and all kinds of people representing different expressions of the human experience peacefully got down on the dance floor together for a night."

Meet our featured artists below.

Jonny Knogood

Jonny Knogood is establishing himself as one of the premiere unsigned talents in the US. Hailing from Omaha, NE, a place notorious for concentrated levels of black poverty and high rates of black on black violence, Jonny has taken a different route with his music, even creating his own sound, floetry, which he describes as poetry in motion.

Songs like Addition by Subtraction, Deferred Dreams, Once in a Dream and No Justice No Peace, offer an alternate view into real life situation, giving a voice through music to people's stories that would otherwise go untold.

He's an artist/producer that has been selected to have a song represented on the Indie's Top 50 unsigned artist mixtape Vol. 202 and 203. In 2013 he dropped his first official mixtape, "Watcha Knogood: The Zicktape", which started building buzz in Nebraska, Colorado, Washington DC, Arizona, Oklahoma and Germany! He plans to take the underground scene by storm with the release of his highly anticipated mixtape "Zicktape 2: Momentary Happiness".

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Michael Garrett

As an entrepreneur and artist, Michael has grown to appreciate the finer things in life. As a photographer being chosen and trusted by clients to handle such precious moments in life such as weddings and even the popular family shoot, he's learned to live in every moment. 

With entrepreneurship, including a United Sneaker Company slated to open in September and helping to develop Magic Minds Meet, an art community, living in the moment ensures nothing is taken for granted. 

He leaves us with a favorite quote of his:

In a galaxy there are a million stars, some more full of matter than others, but nonetheless that star does in fact shine! So you, go shine in this galaxy!

Check out Mike and more of his beautiful photography - Insta || Facebook || MGPhotography.

DC Ross


Delton 'DC' Ross is an Omaha native with a passion for seeing others succeed and the creator of the brand, "Bed of Roses". The name of the brand is synonymous with the word 'success', something that is sought after in every aspect of the brand both as a company and individually.  Part of DC's reasoning for starting Bed of Roses was to motivate people all over his city, letting them know that really, anything is possible if you put in the time and get after it. BoR has products that fit any need producing clothing, hats, stickers and more to come. Recently IxD sat down with DC to talk the brand, his hustle and future plans; catch that hereView more of BoR - BoRtheBrand || Twitter || Insta

Take a peek at some of the moments captured during what was said by a HOL team member to be "Hands down the craziest night I've ever managed!".

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