#MMM - Money Making March

Last month proved to be a very productive for Identity by Design with new collabs and two firsts for events - The Urban Fellowship Brunch and artist, Brittney Rose's Trap Chic Art Party. Putting creative and collaborative events together is a perfect way to get people out to not only network, but get exposed to the talent that's around them. Identity by Design is here for all of that, I want you to get to know your fellow creatives and innovative thinkers. We'll delve into both events with The Trap Chic Art Party up first!

My artwork explores the relationship between street hustle & high class chic. With influences such as Andy Warhol, Jeremy Scott & Future, the collaboration of the contrasted lifestyles merge.
The "trap" is known to be a place or type of hustle that is typically frowned upon. Its a unorthodox way of getting cash flow. I often times feel that way about selling my artwork.
There's a confidence & arrogance in trap music that inspires my art.
Chic is not to be confused with "chick." Chic is stylish, swank & trendy. I've always been into the fashion world. Fashion & femininity is heavy influence for me. A lot of my artwork exposes the nudity of women. To me, the nude woman is the ultimate expression of feminine beauty. Our bodies should be celebrated.
I've been challenging myself day & night to push my thoughts & inspirations to the forefront & I'm finally ready to share Trap Chic with you all.

On March 25th, Brittney Rose Miller debuted her Art Brand, Trap Chic, to the world. As stated in her reflections above, her art is a juxtaposition of 'street hustle and high class chic'. Fed up with building others' dreams, she set out to build upon her own. Motivated by the music, inspired by the hustle and manifested in the vulnerability of her art, Trap Chic is set to break barriers.

Take a look at the pieces put on display at the Art Party. Showings will be announced in the near future. Stay tuned to her Instagram page, TrapChicArt, for continued updates.

And for the recap! Good music, amazing art, drinks, food - made for a great turnout. Check it out below!

F.A.M.Ashley KnoxComment