Budding Authors on the Horizon

We've got two major keys to add to your reading lists! Two Omaha authors have recently released their first books and we think you should check them out.

If I've been blessed to shift at least one person's heart, then I am without a doubt, as dope as God intended me to be.

First up, "Life Behind the Chair" by Alesia Lester. Owner and stylist of Gossip Salon and Styles, she speaks to the hearts of many giving inspiration and insight in her story of obstacles turned accomplishments. You can find her book here at amazon.com as well as in Gossip Salon at 5625 Ames Ave #100 in Omaha Nebraska.

"While writing this book it allowed me to step outside of my own closet of parochialism to really attempt to understand and emphasize with those whose voices are silenced and those who are deemed invisible. Instead of judging and dismissing, it's time to listen to those society dismisses. We cannot afford to hide behind a respectability that is little more than poorly disguised racism, classism and intolerance."

Words above from Brandon Lovelace on his new book, "Views of the Church from the Liquor Store". Lovelace currently works with juveniles in the mental health field. He also mentors with The 100 Black Men of Omaha and the Family Fatherhood Initiative. His book is available here at amazon.com.

Ashley KnoxComment