Polish Me Perfect ! | A few words with Nail Artist - April Parish

Interview by Ashley Knox

About a month back I found myself in Denver on vacation and in desperate need of a nail fix. Finding a new nail artist is hard enough where you reside and here I am in a different city, with two broken nails. Luckily and coincidentally for me, a Facebook friend shares a photo from a nail tech friend of hers, April Parish and the style is amazing. Not only does she have a nice portfolio, she's an Omaha native, recently relocated to Denver, CO. Too good to be true, right?

After visiting with April and absolutely LOVING my nails, I knew I'd have to get her on the site. Read on to learn about what makes her stand out and what she loves best about being a creative nail artist! 

I love making people happy and honestly, getting a fresh set of Banging nails will change a person’s whole day - I love it!

How long have you been a nail tech and where did you get started? 

I have been a Licensed Nail Tech Since 2008, although, I've been doing nails since 2005 . I got started in Omaha NE, in high school and learned a lot from YouTube. After watching my Nail tech do my nails, I started to practice on family and friends. After 2 years of college I decided Nail Art was exactly what I wanted to do !

What inspired you to become a nail artist? 

I just love the art and I've always loved getting my nails done - It was a passion I've always had. Even when it was just practicing on my friends and family, the finished product and happiness from whom I worked on always gave me satisfaction. 

What's your fave style? 

I don't really have a favorite style. I like to keep everything different so I make sure I keep up with the new trends, but I always like to throw my edge on every set I do. Whether it's a hand drawn picture or decals that stand out, one set will always look different from the next and you'll always notice my special touch.

What are some of the differences you've seen between the denver and omaha communities? 

Omaha has always been with the trends so they are used to my style and seeing crazy, outlandish nails so I feel like there was more creative opportunity there. In Denver, people are more used to the plain or as they call it, "Hispanic style nails", so it's cool to feel like I'm opening up my new clients eyes to more variety. I hear them say, 'Oh wow, she can actually make my nails look just like the picture!' or 'This is exactly what I imagined!'. It's funny, I have my Denver clients tell me they thought nails like mine were only on Instagram, lol.

What motivates you/keeps you going in this industry?

My clients motivate me. I love making people happy and honestly, getting a fresh set of Banging nails will change a person's whole day - I love it! I love creating amazing nails, I have so many ideas going through my head daily and I want to just make my ideas a reality for someone to enjoy. My favorite part about being a nail tech is the Amazing clients - they can really make your whole day ! 

What, in your opinion, makes you stand out from other nail artists? 

I think I stand out from other nail techs because I have my own style. Yes, I can make your nails look exactly like a picture, but I can also take 7 pictures, my own ideas plus a client's ideas and make them into one very different set. I love trying new and outrageous things on nails. If it's small enough to fit, just know I will put it on a nail, lol.

Any advice for those wanting to get into this industry? 

My advice for aspiring nail techs is if you have the passion Do it!!  This career will make you so happy.  There will be so many opportunities to better your skills through the years and you'll love going to work and creating new styles! On top of that, you will continuously meet amazing people. I always say - don't do it for the money, do it for the love and the rest will follow .. 'cause I can honestly say, I want to Slay nails for as long as God will let me !!


To check out more of April's Ah-MAZE-ing nail art, you can follow her on Instagram or visit her on Facebook. Make your appointments, she is IxD certified ! 

Pictured right: Nail set on IxD founder Ashley Knox.

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