31 Days of Dreamers and Doers

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If you've been tuning in, you may have read a story or two from our newest segment 31 Days of Dreamers & Doers. 

What's better than starting the New Year off with 31 days of some of the dopest people in your city? We're getting to know a few of the 'movers, shakers and innovators' in  OmahaNebraska. Artists, entrepreneurs, architects, cupcakeologists - you name it. Mixing both newcomers and veterans, we're covering as many lanes as we can.

Seeing people around you who are talented and accomplishing goals is always motivating for most. We here at IxD feel that showcasing and bringing exposure to Dreamers & Doers not only helps spread the word of talent, but it also helps spread a little inspiration. Seeing your peers do amazing things can often spark a little fire in yourself. I know for myself, seeing the amazing things that others are doing is quite encouraging. Whether we need the representation or simply just the reminder that we can accomplish these dreams and goals when we put our mind to it, no matter how big and crazy they may seem at times. There is always a chance to go after what you want and be the person you've always dreamed of being. 

Showcasing is also, always a good way to learn about new and different people, businesses, activities and so much more in your community. You may be looking for a new place to shop, or even discover a new craft that you want to learn more about! 

Sometimes we forget about some of the amazing things right at our fingertips. More importantly, everybody deserves a little extra light sometimes, especially when they're working hard to make dreams come true 😉. 

- Ashley Knox

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