Pledge Self Care x JoAnna LeFlore

Self-Care Matters.
Don’t it?
I never thought I would care so much about this topic. Until I woke up one day and saw that while I was helping everybody else make their goals happen, I was forgetting about mine. I’ve always been a giving person. I felt some sort of purpose behind it, but with wisdom I found out that it was supposed to be done with balance. You know, not give 1,000% away and save none for JoJo.

JoAnna, take care of yourself…

My granny told me these words decades ago. Then one day it all made sense. You can’t
give what you’re too empty to carry.


In my 20’s I neglected personal care a lot. Always seeking to take care of some limp boy instead. Scared to hurt somebody’s feelings but taking all the brunt of other folks emotions and problems anyway. Ignoring my desire to learn and skip class (or insert other important responsibility as you see fit) just to “be available” for an unworthy soul. All those stupid things.
I’m sure I’m not alone right?
I can’t be the only one. But even if I was, I decided to do something about it. I chose to start this newsletter really to help myself heal. I chose to write it so that I can look back and be reminded of how to take better care of my well being. What would I get out of it? I’m doing this thing for free so what’s the point?

The point is that I feel empowered everytime I press send.

Somehow I regain a new pouch of energy back from the senseless 20-something days I had. I’m writing this newsletter to also hopefully get others to feel inspired to put themselves first. We can’t really give the world our
best if we are drained skimp dry!


This is my challenge to my homies, former lovers and friends: go ahead and be selfish a little.
Do what makes you happy first. Set your intentions and goals first. Anybody else who doesn’t want to align with them and contribute to your well being, be done with them! Self-care is so much more than the special spa treatment or trip to see your favorite team play. It’s about saying 'NO' and not bothering to explain why. It’s about walking away from BS. It’s about prioritizing those fulfilling experiences, the kind that energize and motivate you to take your life to another level.


Pledge to        Self-Care yall. Your life depends on it.

- JoJo


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