Mic Check 1-2, 1-2

A little faith is all it took for Omaha native, Delreece Bowie, to creative an event series showcasing musical artists' talent in his hometown. Going beyond music, comedians and clothing brands have also gained exposure from these events. Check out why the Mic Check Showcase was created and just what it means to this artist. 




DB: Mic Check Showcase is a brand created to showcase artists / individuals who [I believe] have elite entertainment skills. It is also a networking tool for artist collaboration. Rappers, singers, comedians, you name it! Talent is talent and I love to see it featured within the brand. Creating shows like these are time consuming, however, seeing attendees enjoying themselves is the ultimate payoff. 

I believe in this city’s musical capability. Period. Omaha faces a lot of scrutiny when it comes to urban music artistry and I wanted to demonstrate against the thought, ‘all local artists are wack.’ This is how the Mic Check Showcase came to life.

The Mic Check Showcase means the world to me. The event gives me a consistent avenue to understand the music that’s being created within the city. It also provides me an outlet to showcase the music I’ve made. I have it bad for not releasing music content for long periods of time and that’s a reason why I perform it at the show. Through Mic Check Showcase, I've also gained experience in management, marketing, promotions, budgeting & accounting, as well as how to efficiently run a concert-like event. Many lessons have been learned and plenty risk has been taken for each event. I believe in what my shows do for the community and I am glad that they have been well-received.


Mic Check Showcase 7 at The Waiting Room! Tickets are available NOW!

Posted by Delreece Bowie on Sunday, July 30, 2017

Check out the collab video with the artists from this coming Mic Check 7.

“Spit it How you Live it, if it’s not, then forget it!” In today’s age where mainstream hip hop lives off image and brand, Delreece works to revive the root cause of its existence. The music. Born August 24, 1986, from Omaha, Nebraska, he plays the role of audio engineer, producer, and songwriter, and recording artist. Influenced by artists like Method Man, Big KRIT, and Kendrick Lamar, Delreece plans to carry the tradition of hip hop through his musical contributions. Delreece is currently working on his second project, titled “Experiments.” Blending the best of both underground and mainstream hip-hop worlds, he presents the world with a New Golden Age sound. Speaking on subjects relatable to the common audience, Delreece wants to create a demand for music that enables the listener to ‘feel’ again.

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