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Omaha native and IxD fave, Michael Garrett, is making huge waves on the creative scene. Don't think so? Just ask Omaha Magazine. The longstanding periodical featured the young visionary this past month, highlighting his skills as not 'simply a photographer, but a visual communicator'. A great one at that. Between photography, graphic design, branding and other skills stashed up his sleeve, Michael brings plenty with him to any table he takes a seat at. Check his story out at the jump below! 

“Photography is oversaturated. I think it’s due to social media,” Garrett says. “Everyone feels they can do it. But in doing so, they don’t really know what it takes to be a photographer. The goal should be more than taking a picture. As a visual communicator, I treat it more like an experience. And what I’m trying to capture, it depends on the client, but I go in with a strong idea of what I want to do to communicate visually. When you see it, you should feel exactly what I want you to feel from the image.”
— Michael Garrett
Eye Vibe.     Omaha Magazine | June 2017

Eye Vibe.

Omaha Magazine | June 2017

“For me, I’m more in love with the process of communication…I’m just living. I want to leave my plate open to the possibilities.”

Be sure to check out more of Mike's work on The Creative Genius as well as Instagram.

Photography by Sarah Lemke

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