Is This Nebraska ? x Brandon Bryant


If you were here for the 31 Days of Dreamers and Doers, you've already met graphic designer and local Music Curator, Brandon Bryant. Owner of Is This Nebraska, Brandon wants to play his part in displaying us [Nebraskans] to the world. 

My earliest memory of the music business is being hired on as a photographer for a local artist show featuring Lil Flip. It was held in Lincoln where I met a ton of Artists who I still keep in close contact with to this day. Networking was the key & the graphic design work that was thrown my way was unmeasurable. Being from Omaha, I was familiar with most of the hometown artists, but in Lincoln I knew 2 Artists at best. That set me on the path to create I feel that people should be aware of the talent and artist in this state, especially for networking opportunities.
— Brandon

As much as we like Brandon's reviews and courage to cover ground in Omaha and Lincoln that many ignore, we're pleased to say you'll be seeing more of his content here at IxD ! With pop up stories from Brandon you'll see content such as album reviews, 'Artist of the Month' and he's also got merch!

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 1.02.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 1.01.56 PM.png

Album: Absolut_coding V2.0 Computer blue
Artist: @absolutpthemoviespitter

Feature Track: Lame Duck - @bob.wavy #beyou

Art 4/5
Beats 5/5
Lyrics 2/5
Collaboration 5/5

Not the most lyrical album of 2018, but once you pick it up, you'll have a hard time putting it down. @absolutpthemoviespittergives you the full spectrum of his artistry from cover to cover.

Tracks like OPS & Soul Roll Man lets you know which city he represents...special s/o to @withlovefelicia and #lovedownbelow

Favorite track: Associate
Quoteable line: Bros before hoes, my lady ain't a hoe though, so fuck the bro code.

Pros: Catchy songs that stay on your mind.
Cons: N/a


Best part, another perspective on the local music scene and more opportunity to learn about the musical gems here in the city. 

Stay locked in. 

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