Ixd x DC Ross w/ Bed of Roses Brand

"The Marathon Continues".

Delton 'DC' Ross, an Omaha native, has a passion for seeing others succeed. We sat down with the young entrepreneur and talked about his motivation, transitioning from one brand name to another and his hustle. Part of DC's reasoning for starting Bed of Roses Brand was to motivate people all over the city, letting them know that really, anything is possible if you put in the time and get after it.

"When you put on any product from the Brand, I know that you are striving for success or you are currently achieving your goals."

"Please Don't Tell......"

You may have noticed BoR fans and clients adding #PleaseDontTell to product photos as well as seeing the phrase on the Brands business cards. DC elaborates on the campaign - 

People love to feel like insiders on anything that sounds appealing. So when you tell someone a 'secret', you tell them, 'please don't tell anyone'. Now the person you told feels like an insider. So what's the next thing they do? Tell their closest friends the 'secret' as well as saying, 'please don't tell'. The process repeats itself. And now that 'secret' is hot news. 

Clever concept and as far as that process goes, we'd have to agree. Kudos.

Watch below to see what what else BoR has going on. 

Sit down with Bed of Roses founder DC Ross and hear about his beginnings, how he plans to stay on top and the meaning behind his brand.

Bed of Roses plans to do great things with the Brand, servicing the local community and expanding outside of the city. DC has many goals still to be pursued and with consistency and success driven ideals, he plans to achieve them all. 

See more of BoR news and products on their site as well as following their Insta and Twitter pages. 

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