IxD x JaCasta Rex & Trishonna Helm

Creators of Feed the Beast, JaCasta Rex and Trishonna Helm sit down with us and talk about their dream event and what we can expect from it. Hoping to build the artistic community through connecting and networking, these two are bringing a creative expo with a 'love feel' they want everyone to be a part of. 

Feed the Beast creators JaCasta and Trishonna, speak on the making of the event, what to expect and what makes them hungry. Feed the Beast, May 02, 2015. 

Trishonna and JaCasta are Omaha natives, both having a passion for the creative arts, they make a perfect pair for assembling Feed the Beast and hoping to bring other artists together. 

Trishonna Helm is 20 years old and owner of online boutique, Genre Vaein. She always knew she wanted to create, as she started out as an artist, but found her passion more in the fashion world, which she's much more involved in today. You can visit her site here, as well as her blog, and find her on Insta at @Trishonna

JaCasta Rex is 21 years old, an artist, model and musician amongst other talents. She has played the cello for 12 years and is apart of the band, Dream House. She has clothing line coming out soon that she's looking forward to and hopes to continue in the line of event planning as well. You can find her on Instagram at @JaCastaRex.

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