IxD x Shannon Marie

Nebraska hip hop artist, Shannon Marie dishes on getting started as an artist, referencing the first song that sparked her interest in music, Mariah Carey's "Honey" and taking us back to freestyling outside of her school, Northwest High with the guys. As a natural young writer, the artist prides herself on being a storyteller.

"Even when I was little I used to just write on everything and so forth. So yea I would say writing is the best because you get to tell so many stories whether they be your own story, a friend's story or just something crazy you think of."

With the release of the "Mr. Single" video, Shannon seen a big increase in her fanbase. With the video being played on Worldstar Hip Hop and the fondness for the subsequent release, "Keep it on the Low", word spread and the support was growing. "Keep it on the Low" is one of her favorite singles to date and still very popular, but her current favorites are definitely coming from her new project including "Who is She?".


When asked about controversy in the music industry and her thoughts on whether hip hop is seemingly becoming 'whitewashed', her response was simply, "Let em Ball."

"I don't really feel that way. If that's what they [white hip hop artists] like and they're genuine about it, ya know, go ahead and do it. But if they're just mocking and that type of thing I can't really support it. Iggy is nice, I do like a few things of hers I've heard. I'm not against it, If you like it I love it."

Listen in as Shannon drops some advice, describes her style as an artist and gives us all a laugh or two with her humorous charm.

IxD gets in the studio w/ Shannon and discusses her thoughts on the hip hop culture here in Omaha and what she has coming in the future.

Outside of these streets, you can find Shannon on her Facebook page, catch her posing on her Insta and hear more of her sounds here.  

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