On the Move: The BIYDIY Tour

Anthony Blue, Matthew Nelson and Elijah Craig are traveling from New York down to Texas performing cool shows in 30 days. And the Internet paid for it.  

"Our idea is simple: we're going on tour and playing music for the people for free and we're going to document the process. We will visit 10 cities in 30 days." 

A description of the event snagged from their website, thecorporaterebellion.org:

                      Over that time we will perform in a variety of venues from nightclubs to dive bars, boutiques to straight up house parties and document it all from start to finish. Each performance will be unique, and will only happen once. We booked each show ourselves on the strength of our pre-existing relationships with close family, long time friends, past business partners and anyone else we could find who shared our vision of incredible music and a full dance floor being a next level experience. We will welcome the regulars of each establishment as well as do our own independent promotion of the tour and each individual performance through social media outlets to our current audience of well over 10,000 people as in the streets of these 10 cities and on the road. Our goal is to have a full house each night dancing to the music. 

The only requirements we have are that no one has to pay to listen to the music and that we don’t get paid for playing it. Since the people don’t have to worry about paying, making the decision to come and dance will be easy. Since venues don’t have to worry about paying for a DJ for the night, they save money they would have to pay any other night and since the house will be full, the bartenders and the owners will be happy. This makes each outing an all positive situation, which is what we think is possible when we all think differently. No booking agents. No managers. No bullshit. Just a venue and beautiful people listening to good music together having a good time.

“A focus on the making. A focus on the doing. Completely devoid of finances. A refocus on the creative act itself."

Watch below as Ixd catches a few quick moments after the guys' soundcheck while they chat about the Tour and where you can find them.

A little info on the guys. 

     Anthony Blue and Matthew Nelson are artists and friends originally from Texas who now live in New York City and San Juan, Puerto Rico respectively. Both Blue and Matthew are artists in various mediums including photography, film, graphic design, street art and painting. They each got their start in DJing in the underground party scene in Brooklyn and have played around the country separately in their spare time. The two will now DJ in tandem as another form of their creative contribution. This project is the culmination of that creative effort. Elijah Craig will be joining us as our resident documentarian.

You can find Anthony, Matthew and Elijah on social media and stop by their site, www.thecorporaterebellion.org

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