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As many amazing creatives we have here in the city, there are plenty from the city who have moved to different locations and are doing their thing ! The Home Away From Home piece sheds light on those who are Hardly home, but always Reppin'.

First up, Don Piece Timeless Collection by Omaha native, Jay Donaldson. 

A collection inspired by those that live or lust the boss lifestyle. Timeless pieces that will suit every occasion.

How long has Don Piece Collection been in the game ?

Don Piece Collection, been in business since January 2017, but ground work took almost two years to lay. 

Why watches?

It was something I've been wanting to do for a long time. I've been in to watches for some time now, so it was really a no brainer. I always hated that I could never find a multipurpose watch; that's really what gave me the idea. Most watches don't 'Suit Every Occasion' like our Don Piece Collection, that's what I mean by multipurpose.

What was the purpose behind creating your brand?

To create wrist watches that cater to a lifestyle. The brand is inspired by bosses. The mission is to offer a stylish, but timeless piece for those who live or lust the boss lifestyle. Each timepiece is carefully crafted to ensure they suit every occasion.

Have you found better success in moving away from your hometown? (better opportunities, support, etc)

Yes, I've found more both more success and opportunities since moving away from home. There are a lot more connections to be made and many more doors that I have direct access to now that I am in a bigger city. I would say the support is better back home at this point for the brand because of the long standing relationships I have in Omaha. People who know you and know what your about are more likely to support you, and I've seen that first hand since launching the brand.

What has been your biggest obstacle and greatest win thus far?

Biggest obstacle is just getting the brand's presence known world wide.   

The greatest wins thus far have been satisfying customers and creating connections. Nothing compares to getting a message from a customer telling me how satisfied they are with the product. The connections being made have been dope too. I've been able to communicate with people that I would have never imagined I'd come in contact with. 

Any upcoming projects/products?

There's a lot of moves in the works. I definitely plan on adding to the catalog in the near future.  I also plan on using this brand as an outlet to give back to the community, both back home (Omaha) and here in the DFW area.

Don Piece's newest addition to the men's line - The Capotine. 

Don Piece's newest addition to the men's line - The Capotine. 

Don Piece's newest addition to the Women's line - The Black & Gold Comare.

Don Piece's newest addition to the Women's line - The Black & Gold Comare.

Advice for young entrepreneurs stepping out on their own?
Just do it; you miss every shot you don’t take. 

VH1 Black Ink's Dutchess in a few pieces from The Comare Collection for the editorial "Clothes (Closed) Out", A Fashion Story. 

For more info and to view the full collection, visit DonPieceCollection.com . You can also check out the creator and his products on social media - Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

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