IxD Rapper Series - PJ Fresco

Who is PJ Fresco, your identity?

He is a cool, fly, conscious dude. Well balanced, not only is he street but very knowledgeable. Breaking the name down PJ stands for Planet Jerry, Jerry being my first name and I’m giving you my world. Fresco is a name I got back in high school from the Michelangelo painting style; I see my music as art.

Speaking of high school, when did you get your start in music?

I’d actually have to say 8th grade. I was playing football and all the homies would rap but I wasn't on it. My little brother trying to outshine me in rapping is what really made me pick up the pen.

Currently you have a project lined up for release by the name of “Landing Gear Vol. 1”, what is your vision for it?

Well I have been out of the game for a while, so this is me arriving again. My flight is getting ready to land and I’m giving my thoughts on what I have seen on my way back and what I have seen since I landed.

What are your thoughts on current Hip-Hop culture in the metro area and as a whole?

Locally its beautiful, we have a lot of talented people making moves. I can't wait until everyone links and shows people we have a great sound. A lot of people think you can't make it out of Omaha, but I feel we have an untapped resource and can make it into what we want.

As a whole the Hip-Hop culture has its positives and negatives. It’s so easy for the mainstream artist to just do what sales, which a lot of times show a negative image of black people. But, for every ratchet artist there are one hundred conscious ones you can choose from. On the positive side, a lot of them are taking things into their own hands and starting labels and controlling their music; I love that. I’m even seeing people locally starting to think that way.

How do you feel about paying to perform, opening up for big acts?

They are coming to our hometown; I don't think I should have to pay to perform. I really don't feel that at all. 

Do you think the Hip-Hop community is the same when it comes to dealing with injustices how they used to?

What I hear on the radio is irrelevant to what’s going on and with everything going on it’s real tricky. These types of issues usually mean war times where there is no time for singing and dancing. In the same breath back during revolutionary wars there were your drummer boys and sounding of the horns so music does play a big role. As far as what majority musicians are doing now, they're trying to ignore it. With that being said there are not a lot of people who can form a good song around these issues.

Meet Fresco, a self described 'cosmic being, who makes poetic power points via super sonic vibrations'. Our own Kerrington Hawkins sat down with his good friend Fresco over glasses of red wine as a rock band plays in the next room at Reverb Lounge. Dive in to some of the conversation. 

Fresco's latest single, Times Are Changing, giving you a 

September 10, PJ Fresco performed as one of five emcees in the first 'Mic Check Showcase' in Omaha at the Reverb Lounge. This was Fresco's first public appearance. 

September 10, PJ Fresco performed as one of five emcees in the first 'Mic Check Showcase' in Omaha at the Reverb Lounge. This was Fresco's first public appearance. 


My biggest influence and inspiration is nature and really just life in general. Nas of course, he is a big one.


Big Boi from Outkast, Nipsey Hussle, Skee- Lo Brim and Lupe Fiasco.

See more of Fresco on FB, Soundcloud, and his respective site, ThatsSoFresco

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