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There is a huge market of T-shirt brands here in the city, ranging in many styles, themes and purposes. As my collection of local t-shirts is ever growing, I constantly feel that more people should be made aware of the products available to them on a consistent basis. Amongst the many brands that I support and sport, here are three that I find myself wearing often . Check out Hungry Face Branded, ICU Clothing and Pilot Krew. 


"Stay Real, Be Thankful"


"Whatever you do, do it with purpose and stay true to the vision. Anything you believe, you can achieve in time. Even if you get frustrated from time to time, it doesn't mean you aren't on the right path. Invest in yourself."

My name is Eric Roettcher. The name of my brand is Hungry Face Branded, the motto: "Stay Real, Be Thankful".

What influenced me to start a brand comes from my personal struggles and victories. I feel you have to be hungry in life, whatever it is that you do, whatever dreams you are trying to reach. You have to keep pushing, stay real and be thankful at the same time. Every person is born real but in this artificial world it can be easy for people to lose themselves. My brand is also a reminder to myself to stay solid throughout whatever I may endure, stay true to myself no matter what. 

Hungry Face's purpose is to promote positive energy and wake people up in a way of helping people to understand that they can always be themselves and to be thankful for life. It's a process of progress staying hungry throughout the journey, continuously doing better and being better.

Right now I am focused on evolving, expanding and being able to make my brand more established  as a company. I'd like to develop more products, designing everything from head to toe. As I already have hats, shirts and sweatshirts, I want to get into jeans, shoes and coats in time. I want to represent reality on clothing with a variety of different style designs.

Only advice I can give to young entrepreneurs stepping in the game is whatever that you do, do it with a purpose and stay true to the vision. Anything you believe you can achieve in time and even if you get frustrated from time to time, it doesn't mean you aren't on the right path. Invest in yourself.

My website will be up and running soon and in the meantime you can find me on Facebook or check out my Instagram where you can find projects on both. 

S R B T.


Money x Hustle x Fame


ICU CLOTHING™ was founded in 2001 and it stands for I Came Up Clothing™, with the motto Money*Hustle*Fame. In breaking down the logo, the Money Bag represents reaching success financially. The Skull with the whisk and spoon represents reaching success by way of your hustle. The Star represents reaching success through fame.

What's your come up?

I wanted to create a brand that was not only fly, but a brand that would make each customer look fly AND feel inspired by the meaning behind the brand. 

"A brand inspiring the aspiring." 

My advice for anyone wanting to hop into the field of being your own boss - Just Do It. If you believe in it, it's already done. You just have to take action. 


Catch ICU on Instagram as well as Facebook. To see and purchase more products, visit the website at Www.icuclothing.com 


Pilot Krew Collection

Be Fly | Be True | Be You


Durrell Rankins, the creator of Pilot Krew Collection, has had the active idea of building a brand since 2012, physically bringing it to life in 2015, putting him in the game at 2 years.

My inspiration came from a few different angles - Not wanting to work for anyone, a lot of reading and some bible thumping. Definitely seeing clothes becoming more and more expensive, which is why I decided to make my own. I'm heavily influenced by music and artists like Curren$y, Nipsey Hu$$le and Boosie. The people I'm surrounded by have also played a key part in my inspiration as big motivators pushing me to put the brand out there.

PKC's purpose is to get people to understand the power that God gave them to create their life. Every plane has a DESTINation when it takes off just like every person has a DESTINy when they are born. And just a like plane needs a pilot, people need to pilot their lives to where they are destined to be. Some people see the name and the plane and assume it's about being "fly", which is fine, but that's not all it's about. I've been told that God will find other ways to speak to people alongside church and preachers. I feel like this my cool way of doing my part of showing people a piece of God's word.

The biggest obstacle I've come across was not being able to do some of the most important things I need done myself. I strongly dislike depending on other people and not being able to do every task can be a hinderance sometimes. My greatest win has been seeing the brand actually come to life and the feedback that I have received. It's a huge motivation. The connections I've gained have also been a plus, something you all will see in the future. 

Currently I'm focusing on my summer projects and fall/winter wear. I'm also continuously working on creating a bigger buzz for the brand and maintaining consistency. 

You have to understand that you will have to invest and sacrifice. Investing time and money will both be sacrifices because you can't just go buy whatever you want anymore or sleep in whenever you feel like it. Stay focused and go in to entrepreneurship with faith. There will be times where you don't know what's next, but all you have to do is take the first step and things will fall into place. Always have good intentions. 


To find products and make purchase, visit the site at Www.pilotkrewcollection.com. You can also catch the brand on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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